A Guide to Tsigrado Beach in Milos Island

Milos is known for its turquoise waters, the wild beauty of its coastline, its mineral resources, the gorgeous sunsets, the colorful Klima village, and the dormant volcano. In Milos, one can enjoy the unspoiled nature and Greek hospitality.

The island has beautiful beaches, and, among them, the miracle called “Tsigrado”. It is a beach like no other, not only for the quality of its waters but also for the fun and challenging way you can access it. This article is a guide to Tsigrado Beach.

Tsigrado Beach in Milos Travel Guide

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Tsigrado Milos

A Guide to Visiting Tsigrado Beach in Milos

Tsigrado Beach, Milos

This beautiful small bay is on the south side of Milos Island, 11 km away from Adamas port. The beach has white sand, and the waters are shallow and crystal clear. The bottom has some rocks and pebbles here and there, but you can easily find your way around them.

By the rocky cliffs that surround the beach, there are many small caves that you can explore. If you are into snorkeling, Tsigrado is the best place for a dive. You will be surprised by the interesting geological structures of its bottom.

Going down to Tsigrado Beach

Very high volcanic rocks and cliffs surround the beach. No road from any side takes you to the beach. You might wonder how people get to the beach. Now it gets interesting. At the top of the cliff is a rope connected to a ladder, which leads to the beach. You need to hold the rope tight and start descending carefully.

ladder leading to Tsigrado Beach in Milos

At the top, there is a sign stating that people who go down take their own risk. Sounds scary? It might be tricky, but many people do it, and it is not that hard after all. However, it is crucial to be in relatively good shape if you attempt to descend. Of course, I would not advise families with young children or people with moving difficulties to go there. 

Tsigrado Beach Milos

If you are afraid of heights or do not want to go down with the rope, you can reach the beach by boat. In Milos, some companies organize cruises around the island that take you to the most beautiful beaches that are not accessible by car. You can book a day cruise and experience a luxurious and fun day in Tsigrado and other beaches around the island. 

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Facilities at Tsigrado Beach

In Tsigrado Beach, there is no canteen, beach bar, or restaurant. Unlike some of the island’s beaches, this one has remained unspoiled by humans. If you decide to go there, make sure you have snacks, water bottles, sun cream, and a good sun tent. 

Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado is right next to a beach of Milos, named Firiplaka. It is an eight-minute walk to get from Tsigrado to the Fyriplaka so you can visit them both on the same day. 

Firiplaka Beach

How to get to Tsigrado Beach

You can reach the Tsigrado beach by car. There is a free parking space on the top of the cliff. The municipality of Milos has shuttle buses stopping close to Tsigrado. During the summer months, the bus arrives at the beach every one or two hours. The latest itinerary is around 18.00. 

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